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Kirkhouse Inn.


Kirkhouse Inn

The Kirkhouse Inn, Strathblane.

Kirkhouse Inn 1972

U.S. Visitors to Kirkhouse Inn.

Photographed at the Kirkhouse Inn, Strathblane, are major executives of the General Wine & Spirit Company of the U.S.A. This is a division of Seagrams Corporation.

They are visiting the distilleries and the various departments of the company which produces Chivas Regal. Included in the group are:

Mr. Jerome A. Newman, president; Mr. Milton Steinberg, vice-president; Mr. John Flynn, Operations manager; Mr. H. Currie, production director, Chivas, Paisley; and Mrs Currie); and Mr. and Mrs Robert Preston, directors. 1972.

Kirkhouse Inn Advert 1973

Kirkhouse Inn advert 1973.


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