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John Galbraith.

Pastry Baker and Confectioner, 214 Main Street, Rutherglen.
Mr John Galbraith

Mr John Galbraith. 1890.

Mr John Galbraith operated at 214 Main Street, Rutherglen in the 1890s, not a single function in Rutherglen was missed by his supervision. He had experience in both side of the Atlantic, having raised himself in the kitchen to the management of the Leland House a popular summer resort on Lake Schroon in the State of New York. A practical chef, baker, confectioner and pastry baker was so well known in Rutherglen, trading in this burgh for years.

Catering for the Cattle and Horticultural shows and the Jubilee Banquets and besides supplying the Magisterial dinner, purveyed also for the feast given to over 700 poorer people.

In his spare time he loved a game of Bowls and Curling he was also an ardent Freemason.

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