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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


James Alexander.

60-61 Anderston Quay, Glasgow.

James Alexander 60 Anderston Quay

James Alexander's Bar.

Alexander's sat at the corner of Anderston Quay and Hydepark Street facing the river Clyde.

The pubs history can be traced back to 1886 when Wine & Spirit Merchant James Ferguson acquired a licence 20/04/1886. Mr Ferguson continued to serve the locals here for many years and prospered. Most of the pubs along the River Clyde were frequented by sailors', mariners' and foreigners from all over the world, one of their first stops would have been one of the many public houses that stretched along the Clyde.

At the end of the 19th James Ferguson also ran a pub at 221 Buchanan Street (Fingals). One advantage that Mr Ferguson had was that, he owned the premises on Anderston Quay.

James lived at 34 Dunearn Street at the turn of the 20th century and by 1904 the premises were taken over by George Alexander who acquired the certificate 21/04/1904. The name above the door now had George Alexander with Wine & Spirit Merchant on either side of his name. George held the licence till the late 1930s then Jean Robertson Alexander took over the running of the pub. Jean lived at 2 Crown Mansions, North Gardner Street in the west end of the city.

Jean was related to another family of Glasgow publicans', her father Angus Robertson owned a public house at 131 George Street at the corner of 52 Albion Street. Jean also took over this pub in the 1950s from Helen Robertson the licensee.

Another generation of Alexander's took over the pub in the 1960s James Alexander, and the name above the door of the pub was now Alexander's, he also took over the George Street premises.

James was the last of the Alexander's to run the pub and was sold to Brian Joseph McCabe on 19th October 1971. Mr McCabe ran the pub for a few years before the building was demolished.


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