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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Greyhound Bar.

Kirkmuirhill, Lanark.

In the NEWS 1979...

Nip in Air in "Smelly" Pub Row...

A Blazing row has erupted after a woman member of a licensing board branded a pub's toilets as smelly.

In fact, Miss May Hodgson said the smell was so bad she had to leave immediately.

As a result, Lanark District Licensing Board called for an immediate improvement in the standard of cleanliness in Kirkmuirhill's Greyhound Bar.

But now the regulars at the pub are up in arms. They claim their local is spotless, and they are calling for an apology.


They are drawing up a petition and Daniel Rundell, of 17 Westburn Terrace, Kirkmuirhill, said, "I have drank in this pub for years and this new owner has spent thousands. "It is cleaner and better than it has ever been and I think there should be an apology from this woman councillor."

The regulars claim that councillor Hodgson's remarks are a slight on them, and James Aikman of 6 Barr Terrace, Kirkmuirhill, said, "If this were a dirty place the customers would complain. But it is not. It's spotless.

John Hunter, of 19 Scott Street, Kirkmuirhill, said, "The place is clean. I had a party here for my son's 21st birthday party and I think there should be a retraction on behalf of the Licensing Court."

Pub owner Peter Maguire said, "I took over this pub in May and since then I have spent £6000 in improving the facilities. "The toilets are always kept clean and I certainly would like a retraction and an apology."

"My business has suffered unfairly because of the remarks, and I have complained to the Licensing Trade Association."

Today Miss Hodgson was unrepentant. When asked if she stood by her remark, she said, "Certainly. Every member of the Licensing Board agreed that the place needed to be cleaned up a bit."


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