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Golden Garter Room.

Hill's Hotel, Drumchapel, Glasgow.

In the NEWS 1975...

Frank Deerey and the Golden Garter girls 1975

Frank Deerey and the Golden Garter Girls.

If you go into Glasgow regularly looking for entertainment you may be becoming a little bored by what there is on offer.

But let me cheer you up with news of a new nightspot that opened its doors less than a fortnight ago. At the Golden Garter Room of Drumchapel's Hill's Hotel you can get a lovely four-course dinner, a chance to show your talent on the dance floor, and also be entertained by some of Scotland's leading artists.

The Reo Stakis Organisation who own the Hills Hotel, have spared no expense to ensure that this nightspot offers top class entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere.

Mr Frank Deerey, manager of the Golden Garter, he worked formerly at the Dennistoun Palais and the Plaza, knows from experience a good deal about what the Glasgow customers wants in the way of entertainment.

"You could say this is a kind of package deal in the entertainment world," he said. "I don't think there is anywhere else in Glasgow that offers you dinner, dancing to a top class band, and a chance to see Scotland's top artists at work."

The evening begins at 7.30 when customers are welcomed by Frank and his three hostesses, Amanda, Rhona, and Rita and shown to their seats. Drinks will be served by the Golden Garter girls, attractively dressed in their long red and white skirts and matching halter tops, and there is dancing to music of Roberto Bernardi and his quartet.

Dinner is served at about 8.45 and after another spot of dance music from Roberto it is cabaret time. From tonight and for the next four nights The Wedgewoods, who were in the Perry Como Show last week, will be taking over the cabaret spot.

After the cabaret spot there is still time for more dancing until it is time to leave at about 11.45. From Wednesday to Friday, and on Sunday the cost is £2.85 a head. The Saturday night price is £3.50.

You can book a table, but booking is not compulsory. You will be just as welcome if you go along on the night. You can get to the Golden Garter via Great Western Road, through Anniesland Cross, along the Boulevard until you come to the Drumchapel roundabout, and from there go along Drumry Road, and the Hotel is on your left. Enter to the Golden Garter Room is through the Shopping Centre.

Golden Garter advert 1977

Golden Garter advert 1977.

Golden Garter advert 1975

Golden Garter advert 1975.

Golden Garter advert 1979

Golden Garter advert 1979.


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