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The Devil's Elbow.

North British Hotel, George Square, Glasgow.

Devils Elbow George Square

New look Devils Elbow 1979.

In the NEWS 1979...

Drinking in style at the Devil's Elbow...

Mention The Devil's Elbow and the infamous road north of Braemar immediately springs to mind. But anyone who has been known to partake of the foaming ale will know it means something completely different.

It's the name of the bar in the North British Hotel, George Square. The Devil's Elbow has been closed while the interior was completely redecorated, but, two weeks and £25,000 later, it re-opens to the public tonight.

Because of its obvious links with driving and roads it's not surprising that the main decorative theme is racing. In fact, when the Devil's Elbow first opened five years ago former world champion racing driver Jackie Stewart officiated.

advert for Devils Elbow 1979

Advert from 1979.


Although we have kept the same basic colour scheme we have made several changes and up-graded the place altogether," explained Mr Patrick Masser, general manager of the hotel.

"The bar used to be situated in an island in the middle of the pub, but we have moved it against a wall. We have also made a new entrance in Hanover Street." The Devil's Elbow has always served bar lunches and a food unit has been integrated into the new bar.

"We will be adding such dishes as a Ploughman's lunch, French bread and cheese, and a fisherman's lunch, smoked mackerel and salad, to the menu," Mr Masser said.

Racing green is the main colour in the bar with yellow and red stripes all round. In addition there are racing prints all round the walls and pictures of sporting personalities Muhammad Ali, Barry Sheene, Kenny Dalgleish and James Hunt.

And in addition there are lots of racing flags suspended from the ceiling. seating is in alcoves, giving the bar a cosy atmosphere and music is from a juke box.

"We also have a colour television, which we regard as a "must" during occasions like the World Cup and the Commonwealth Games," said Mr Masser.


The Devil's Elbow has been a popular pub and over the years it has built up a regular clientele. "we have quite a mixture of people, students from the university, office workers, and shop assistants," said Mr Masser.

The Devil's Elbow, which serves over 21's, is open until 10.45 pm.


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