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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Grant Arms and The Crest Lounge.

539 Gallowgate, Glasgow.

The Crest Advert Gallowgate

The Crest Lounge, 539 Gallowgate. Advert 1972.

This old pub was originally called Eeffingham Deans and dates back to 1860.

Mr. Deans continued as licensee until 1879 when the business was sold to Mr. John McNicol. John spent most of his life in the pub and was 70 years of age when he sold the business to John McWilliam in 1921. Mr McWilliam had 17 years of experience in the licensed trade when he took over the pub.

In 1928 publican Thomas Lindsay was the new licensee, he continued to serve the locals until the early 1930s. Frank Lewis Grant then became the owner of the pub. It was Mr. Grant that called the pub The Grant Arms. The pub was extended and had a new lounge bar which was called the Crest, many will still remember Mr. Patrick G McGovern who was the last licensee, he acquired the pub in 1958, until the pub was demolished in the 1970s, like many other great pubs on the Gallowgate.

To read more on the pubs on the Gallowgate read up & Doon the Gallowgate by John Gorevan. A copy can be bought for a few pounds at the Hielan Jessie on the Gallowgate or contact me at john@oldglasgowpubs.co.uk


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