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Charles Stewart.

Bridge Street, Maryhill.

Mr Charles Stewart

Mr Charles Stewart. 1892.

Mr Charles Stewart, Wine and Spirit Merchant and Portioner, Bridge Street, Maryhill. Mr Stewart was born in County Antrim, Ireland, when he was six years old he left with his parents to Port Glasgow. After school he was bound apprentice to the baking trade, to which he served his time, young and enthusiastic it was only two years later that he took over a shop of his own and succeeded.

In 1882 he acquired Mr McMillan's business, but he was destined to find that troubles with landlords were not confined to Ireland. Still active, hard-working and ambitious, ever anxious to get on in the world, he purchased four years later, the shop of Mr Chestnut, Cathcart Street, Greenock. This was an unfortunate speculation, as a year and a half later, his brother passed away, the new landlord, a rabid teetotaler, refused to let the premises for the sale of intoxicating liquors, with the result that the licence was lost without compensation.

Mr Stewart then came to Glasgow looking to set up business, but he headed for Maryhill and found at a shop in Bridge Street was for sale with no landlord, Mr Stewart's ambition to become his own landlord had come true to life. Mr Stewart prospered and acquired an adjoining piece of ground, erected two noble blocks of buildings, at once a credit to himself and an ornament to the district. Into one of those the licence was transfered in April 1892. Mr Stewart was President of the Irish National League when it was founded in Maryhill and held the chair for many years. He was also a member of the local Bowling and Curling Club and joined the Order of the Benedicts.


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