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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Avalon.

25 Kent Road, Glasgow. G3 7EH. Tel: 01415641263.

Avalon Bar

The Avalon. 1991.

The Avalon Bar was once known as Barrie's Vaults after landlord John Barrie. Mr Barrie occupied these premises from 1881 until the beginning of the 1900s.

When Mr Barrie died trustee David Somers took over the running of this popular bar.

In the 1950s this pub was known as St. Andrew's Bar.

Situated at the corner of Kent Road and Cleveland Street this pub is a favourite haunt of staff from the Mitchell Library which is just across the road.


Avalon 2005

The Avalon 2005.


Update 28 April 2013...

The Avalon Bar has CLOSED DOWN... This is what is happening to many established pubs on only in Glasgow but the whole of the U.K.

I am sure it want be long until someone will take this old established pub over and maybe revamp the premises with a new name. Lets hope it doesn't stay closed for long. Thanks to Norrie for the update and the image.

Avalon Bar April 2013

The Avalon Bar, closed with barriers on the door and windows. Thanks to Norrie.


Update September 2014...

Licensee screened matches without paying for the right.

The manageress of a Glasgow pub has been fined £17,000 after illegally screening sports matches on satellite TV.

Sarah McIntosh managed The Avalon Bar, in Kent Road, when Sky Sports channels were shown without a licence. But Sky TV bosses were awarded a court order at the Court of Sessions in Edinburgh to stop the illegal screenings.

McIntosh will now have to stump up £10,000 in damages and £7000 in fines. Costs have also been awarded against her, which are yet to be assessed. Alison Dolan, Deputy Managing Director, Sky Business, said: "This issue is very close to the hearts of those pubs who pay Sky subscriptions because they are being left short changed by licensees broad-casting Sky content illegally.

"It creates an uneven playing field for their businesses, which is why we are committed to visiting thousands of pubs this season, as well as investigating suppliers and continuing to take legal action against those licensees who choose to televise Sky content illegally."

Sky's successful court order has led to the firm raising a number of actions to prevent other landlords from infringing their copyright.

The Avalon is now called the Whiski Kraft.



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