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The Auld Boat Hoose.

21 River Road, Carmyle, Glasgow. G32 8EG.Tel: 01416411641.


Auld Boat Hoose

The Auld Boat Hoose. 1991.

Established in 1826. The Auld Boat Hoose had a major refurbishment in 1956, a new feature in the lounge was a specially built boat hull designed to serve as a bar, other marine fittings like lanterns, ship's bells, rope, oars and anchors adorned the walls. A red and green ship lantern was fitted to either side of the bar. The theme of the lounge could not be more appropriate for the premises were situated on the opposite bank of the River Clyde from Cambuslang. It was said that an old boat house stood near by and a ferry used to ply across the river.

Adam Anderson licensee was at the opening ceremony which was performed by Mr & Mrs Anderson, J MacDonald of Glasgow and West of Scotland manager of Scottish Brewers Ltd and a host of friends and guests.

Image of J A MacDonald, Mr & Mrs Anderson and daughter Fiona Brown 1963

Left to right J A MacDonald Mrs Anderson, Mr Anderson and daughter Fiona Brown. 1963.

Interior view of the new lounge 1956

Interior view of the the new lounge 1956, note the bar which was in the shape of a boat.

Exterior view of the Auld Boat Hoose 2005

The Auld Boat Hoose 2005


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