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The Ashfield.

404 Hawthorn Street, Ashfield Greyhound Stadium, Glasgow. G22 6RU.

Tel: 0141336422.

Ashfield Bar

The Ashfield. 1991.

This was a great place for a cabaret, Glen Daly was one of the famous entertainers here for a long time.

Situated on the grounds of Ashfield Greyhound Stadium, this is handy for punters winners or losers after a night at the dogs.

Ashfield Bar Advert

Ashfield Bar Advert.

In the News 1971...

The Ashfield Club in Glasgow will make Clubland history this year - by staging their own summer show.

The show - the first of its kind ever to be run in a club in Britain - will last for three or four month, starting sometime in June.

It will have a regular cast of three, Glen Daly, Helen Randell and Hector Nicol, with a well-known guest act being featured at every weekly change of programme. The band will move to the front of the stage and the whole stage will be used for the productions. Sets and costumes will hired and there is already sufficient changing room accommodation. The weekly changes will involve a tremendous amount of script.

In the News 1972...

Glen Daly at the Ashfield Club 1972

Glen Daly promotes the Ashfield Club in 1972.

In the News 1972...

On stage at the Ashfield.

Moira Kerr, a lass who has built up a solid reputation in Scottish Clubland, is being featured at the Ashfield Club next month.

She will be on stage one night a week for the month, and starts on the first Friday in May. This Sunday at the Ashfield they have Welsh singer Allan Davis doing a lunchtime show, and in the evening they feature comedian Hector Nicol, singer Jan Douglas and a comedy, magic drag act who go under the name Burdon and Moran.


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