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The Ark.



The Ark Inn Partick

The Ark Inn, Partick. c 1850.

The Old Bridge at Partick by William Simpson (1823-1899.)

The watercolour shows the view from Partick looking across the River Kelvin to Yorkhill, c 1850. The house in the foreground was once a Tavern called the Ark. Behind it can be seen the arches of the Old Partick Bridge, built in the late 16th century and demolished in 1895 when access was cut off by the construction of the Lanarkshire & Dumbartonshire Railway. The building just peeping out on the right from behind the inn is the Bishop Mills with distinctive wheafsheaf finials on the gables. It was built on the site of an old mill in 1837 and renovated and converted to contain twenty flats 150 years later. Thanks to the Mitchell Library.


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