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Alexandra Hotel.

148 Bath Street, Glasgow.

Alexandra Hotel

Alexandra Hotel. 1891.

Alexandra Hotel was erected in 1877, designed specially to meet the requirements of a really first class hotel and a decade later, on the entrance of a new tenant, it was entirely rearranged, newly decorated and renovated. There are four spacious floors about one hundred feet long by fifty feet wide in the building, which forms a large rectangular block at the corner of Bath Street where the entrance is and West Campbell Street. There are sixty bedrooms in the hotel, a drawing, dining, smoking and billiards rooms. There was also a number of private sitting rooms. A buffet, with the entrance from West Campbell Street is in connection with the billiards room.

Mr W R Cuddeford

Mr W R Cuddeford. 1891.

Mr W R Cuddeford the new landlord with his wife and his sister and some of the best staff in that business ran the hotel like clockwork. Mr Cuddeford worked in many first class hotels, clubs and other establishments, including the Golden Cross in Oxford, the Grand Hotel in Brighton, the Queen's Hotel, Hastings and the Pal Mall Club, London. Mr Cuddeford then crossed the border and worked in the Golden Lion in Stirling and was engaged with the Carlton Club in London. He then came back to the north and worked in the Royal Hotel, Edinburgh and for five and a half years in the Cockburn.

In 1893 the annual dinner of the Old Spot Club was held here, which comprised a select number of gentlemen well known in trade circles, on Friday 23rd December, to celebrate the clubs anniversary. Mr George McLeod presided, Mr James Walker filling the croupier's chair. The company included the following:- James Robson, Donald Ross, John Cameron, Simon Cameron, John Kennedy, Robert Dunn, John Ralph, Joseph Cox, Charles Nicol, Robert Swann, James Thomson and William McGill. Among the friends present were Messrs. Crawford Allan, A. B. Ross, J Thomas, W Aitken, D Carruthers, R McCulloch, J Irvine, T Gillespie of the Victualling Trades Review. On the following Saturday the annual election of office-bearers for the ensuing year took place as follows:- President Mr James Robson; Vice-President Mr John Ralph and secretary and treasurer Mr William McGill. The nominations were unanimous.


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